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iPhone 7 Plus LCD on 8 Plus no touch on screen after?

Customer put a iPhone 7 Plus LCD on a iPhone 8 Plus... Now iPhone 8 Plus only responds to iPhone 7 Plus LCD.... What could Be going on? Motherboard?

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Check the pins for damage, on both the board and the cable. You may also want to test the LCD on another unit to see if it's functioning properly, but of course, check the cables before applying.

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I have a OEM iPhone 8 Plus LCD pulled from working device.. Won't touch.. But if i put a 7 Plus LCD it will touch?


If the 8 plus lcd isn't working with the 8 plus I would just encourage testing another screen if you have one available. I've actually never seen/heard of this issue occurring. Most people say the display will show but the digitizer will not function unless connected with the proper screen.

The only option I would have left is to install the Iphone 8 plus LCD and run a restore on the device to help reset the partition.

Let me know how it turns out.


Thanks for the ideas. I have the same issue as OP and going to try and figure it out tonight.


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The display of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 is not the same, here is the comparison video

For this issue, my opinion is hard reset the iPhone to have a try.

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hello do you have idea which part on ip8 shorted? it was working iphone8 and i make mistake to test an iphone7 lcd display after i put back the original lcd of iphone8 the touch screen wot work ;(


You may have damaged the iPhone 8 connector on the motherboard.

Here is about how to fix iphone 8 touch screen not work:


this post from etrade is for touch id

not for digitizer

PS : i didnt connect the 3d touch connector on board

only the display flex


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guyz i have an working iphone8 unit with broken glass.

1. display was ok

2. touch digitizer was ok

but : after i test the iphone7 original lcd screen ( i connect only the display connector didnt connect the touch id connector )

result : iphone8 was stuck on apple logo

next step i put back its original iphone8 lcd screen both connectors are connected

result : iphone8 touch digitizer not work :(

Any ideas who encounter this issue?

which on mother board got fault after test an original lcd screen from iphone7

please help

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