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The Gateway MS2285 is a laptop in Gateway's NV53 Series. Key features include an AMD processor, 15.6" display, and 4 GB of RAM.

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Forgot password, Safe mode with command prompt not working

I have a gateway ms2273 that I need some old files from and can't remember the password. I try to reset in safe mode but when I get to selecting "safe mode with command prompt" my screen loads files and says wait, then goes to black with no further options followed by the windows login screen...again, yet in safe mode. Any ideas how to get around this?

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do you have a spare PC?


yes, I am on that one now.


Hi @juuyaak, try downloading HirenBootCD,


I got it! I called Gateway and they wanted $299 to restore to factory settings which would erase all my files. I bought iseepassword $30 and unlocked my computer, files intact.


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Hi @juuyaak,

From another PC, download Hiren



Burn to disk and boot it

Use Linux Live Recovery, once the recovery OS has been booted up, connect your external drive.

Use the explorer to browse your HDD and user data location, copy all the files you needed to the external HDD

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