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The production third generation Quest was unveiled for the 2004 model year at the 2003 North American International Auto Show.

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How do I replace the catalytic converter?

Do I need to remove the alternator in order to remove the catalytic converter?

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What makes you think you need a new catalytic converter?


I was told by AAA when my van broke down on me. They did a diagnostic, two of the three converters went bad. I bought the replacements, just can't seem to figure out how to get to the bolts. I can't find any info on 2004 Nissan Quest. No internet, books, nothing.


you do not need to remove the alternator on a 2004 quest, it is not in the way of the front cat


if you require more room remove the cooling fans and radiator. you will have 3- 10mm screws holding the heat shield, remove from top, 6 -12mm bolts in cat flange to manifold exhaust, two up -with nuts, 4 bolts from bottom. Will need to remove 3 bottom cat nuts to exhaust piping, (replace the metal o-ring seal when reattaching- $2) Unplug the bottom oxygen sensor, unit will drop out the bottom. Remove old sensor and place in new unit as they rarely go bad or you can replace it as well approx. $24.) job took 1 hour


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Three options I would recommend.

1) Go to http://repair.chiltondiy.com/Nissan/Ques... for an online step-by-step repair guide.

2) Go to Auto parts store, ask for Chilton or Haynes repair guide for your vehicle.

3) Worst case scenario. Buy the new part, look and see where bolts are located on the new one and take the old one off.

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