OnePlus' second entry into the Android phone market, the OnePlus 2, was released on August 11th 2015.

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No service after repair of screen!

I recently had some cracks in my screen and did a repair with a friend while watching a video on it. After I fixed it I tested a lot of things including my service and called a friend. All was working! But today it has bars but says no service! I reopened it up and disconnected and reconnected the antenna wire, I thought it might have fallen out from being connected improperly. Plugged it back in and get the same issue. It did snow heavily for our area, which is not a lot, and the power went out. But my dad, who has the same carrier, doesn't have any problems with his service!I also had some service earlier today which is even weirder! I sent a message around 9 am pst and retried it around 10:30 and it sent! I sent myself a text from my dad's phone and did not receive it yet! This is very frustrating being my only working phone! I will probably test the sim in another phone soon. I will update post with the info. Thank you in advance!

Quick Update! I have turned mobile data always on and I have a 4g with a ! and some bars. I sent a text a while ago and it sent but cant seem to get another too. About 15 minutes later and a reboot back to no service!

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Sorry for the delay! Hopefully you got this figured out. And no there is just one. :)


K, also new update, I get 4g when im in the downtown of my city... Kinda very rural. So could it be a different problem??? It is very picky with where it works but is pretty consistent.


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Really common for the antenna to come loose during the dissasembly. Open it up and make sure the antenna cables are properly seated!

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That is the black wire with gold at each end correct? Also you say, antenna cables, are there more than one?


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