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The 2016 version of the Samsung Galaxy A3 budget smartphone (model number: A310F).

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What can I do to fix a pink/purple screen with a white vertical line?

About a month ago, I dropped my phone killed my screen and I had it fixed.

Last night while I was charging my phone, it fell!

When I picked it up the first thing I noticed is that it had a vertical white line that ran from top to bottom and the area where the line was located could no longer work.

Then I noticed some pink/purplish lines running in all directions on the screen!

Now the whole screen is a pinkish purplish colour and the part of the screen where the white line was originally located has started to turn black, it is slowly progressing and I am guessing that by the end of the day my screen will be completely black.

Also, my screen isn't broken!

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Only solution is to replace the screen again.

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  • sounds like you were playing a video.if you switch tabs during a tab many times it will come.remember,it might be 4 times
  • it could be screen problem
  • joining a meeting+playing a video ,it will come like that

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you`r screen will also off,please off it and on it again


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