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The Saturn Relay was the first and only minivan from the Saturn brand of American automaker General Motors and was built alongside its sisters, the Buick Terraza, the Chevrolet Uplander, and the Pontiac Montana SV6.

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driver side door window came out of the track

driver side door window came out of the track,, the window had frozen to the felt and when I pushed the button for it to go down the window stayed up but the track went down.. how can I get the window back on the track???

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The window has parted company with the mechanism that determines up/down movement.

What i would do next would be to remove the glass window completely then the internal door cover/lining then remove the polythene to expose the mechanism ...now keeping fingers away try the window control button to confirm if the system is operating normally and if so! the next step is to determine just how the glass was fitted . This may be all that is required.

NB: Your owners manual may not give you any details with this procedure but you can buy a H----- MANUAL for your model of car which should give a more detailed idea of what your internal door looks like.

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