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MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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MacBook Air Display in a MacBook Pro?

Apple in their wisdom have upgraded the MacBook Air to a high resolution display, ignoring their professional product, the MacBook Pro. I am sure I'm not alone in wanting a 13" MacBook with a high res display and enough horsepower to be useful.

I know the displays are the same size and shape, and so figured it must be possible to change the displays over. This of course assumes the connectors for power and data on both panels are the same. It also assumes that the computer would recognise and work with the display.

Anyone know if this is possible??

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It might be possible but I doubt it. Just to change the LCD on a regular MBP you almost have to have the exact model down to the same manufacturer for it to work properly. Which would lead me to believe that you would have to use the same manufacturer, hope for the same connectors and maybe the old GPU would support the new higher rez screen. An expensive proposition just to try.

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