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shuts down randomly, switching beetween charging/not charging


My MBP shuts down after a few minutes if it is not plugged in, so I think my battery is defective.

But if I plug it in and let it charge for a while and it is nearly fully charged then it switches between charging and not charging and the LED on the MagSafe is switching (green - orange) too.

Is this the power adapter or the Left I/O Board or is this the battery too?

If I take out the battery it is still running.

Can I check the parts somehow?

Thanks for your help!


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a defective battery can cause the symptoms you are experiencing. Since the unit runs fine with the battery removed, the power adapter and laptop power circuitry are probably fine.

There was a recall on certain MacBook Pro batteries - more information can be found here:


The exchange program has been closed for over a year, but the battery identification info might be useful to you.

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Thanks for your answer!

I bought a new battery a year ago because my old was defective too, but I came to late and so it was not replaced by apple.

And you think if I buy a new battery the problems are gone?



How long/if Apple honors defective batteries is often up to the "Genius" you have help you.

Look for battery bulge - a safety issue - you may have better luck getting a replacement covered.

Good Luck,



it is very possible the replacement battery was part of the defective batch - if you have the receipt, see if you can talk Apple into replacing it. As machead stated, if you can go into an Apple Store you have a very good chance of getting it taken care of anyways.


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