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Repair information for the Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboard. First available on Amazon in 2011. Model numbers: 920-002912 (Windows), 920-003472 (Mac).

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Battery recharging in solar keyboard doesn't work after water damage


I bought myself a wireless solar keyboard which worked perfectly until I poured some drink into it.

I dissasembled it and washed it in distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Upon battery replacement, the keyboard worked well until the battery became flat.

In the photos is non-rechargeable batter cr2032, however the rechargeable had same results.

I am getting appropriate voltage from the solar cells but the rechargeable LED-indicator doesn't light up upon pressing the button and the battery eventually runs flat.

I am no pro in circuit board repairs, any suggestions will be appreciated.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Well the atxmega32d4 microcentroller can be purchased online for cheap, but it may have programming which will disappear if you replace it.

The NRF chip is the wireless controller, so certainly not related to your charging issue.

That HC595 Texas instruments chip has a data sheet that mentions nothing about power regulation, so it also probably a not related.

Are there any components on the other side of the board?

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Thanks for answer. The answer to your question is no. No additional components from the other side, I uploaded new photo of the back side.

I even rechecked the polarity, all + and - correspond accordingly to battery/ solar cells.

Maybe I can troubleshoot somehow. If I just connect the solar cells to battery directly(4,80-4,85 V when well lit) , will it recharge or is there some kind if additional circuitery needed?



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