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The Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US laptop features an 11.6" screen and a 16 GB SSD hard drive. This small notebook computer allows for easy access to the Internet and can run various web apps.

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My sound isn't working on my Chromebook HELP! Samsung Series 3 XE303C1

Help! Please I need sound

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Have you tried going into settings/sound and checking to see if it is switched on?

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i have went into every setting

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Are you receiving any sound using headphones? If not, then it could be that a dry joint has occurred at the socket on the circuit-board! this is very common with low end laptops. You’ll need to take out the motherboard to do some basic tests. If you don’t have a multi-meter handy, then using a magnifying lens, you should see what is known as a dry-joint, which resembles a dull and crusty joint. They should be shiny in appearance. But before resorting to the latter, try un-plugging the speaker lead from the board first, this can be found on the right hand side and has 3-wires. Then re-insert the connector. Sometimes, that’s all it takes as static build-up (ESD) can often play a part.

If all the above steps don’t work, then it’s the SMD chip-on-board is the culprit, that will have to re-flowed by a computer expert.

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