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Gone through to solenoids

95 ego gas cart. I have gone through 2 solenoid. And battery boils.

This all happens after the engine warms up. The governor has been turned up and this thing flys. Could that be the problem or the voltage regulator need testing?

Block Image

Block Image

. This is the solenoid. The guy that put it on said he used an ego part #.

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Thank you so much for all your help. I gotta ask don't suppose you have that regulator part # ?


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@douglasdzaster if your battery boils it is overcharging. You do want to check the voltage regulator.

Update (03/17/2018)

Once you get your cart back to running, hook a voltmeter up to your battery. Start the cart and see what voltage you have. Your meter should show somewhere between 14 to 15 VDC. If you do not have that voltage, disconnect the small wire off of the top of the starter/generator. Take a jumper wire and jump from that stud on the start/gen to ground on the cart. Then start the cart again and measure the voltage once more. If you get somewhere around 15-16 VDC it is your regulator. If the voltage is way outside these values, replace it with a proper one.

Update (03/18/2018)

This should be what your circuit looks like. it's the 94/95 model but not much got changed over the years.

Block Image

The voltage regulator is EZGO part 27739-G01

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Thank you. I'll get out the multimeter. What kind of voltage am I looking for? When I replace the solenoid AGAIN. Will one for a riding mower due?


@douglasdzaster post an image of your solenoid and/or make and model with your question. That way hopefully we can get you the right information. Adding images to an existing question


Pics. Are added to my first post. Thanks for the help.


Yes it is. The solenoid is a EZGO 14 Volt 27153-G01


Thank you again. Was wondering if you had the part # on the regulator or what do I need to know when I purchase one ?


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