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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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Where do archived messages go & how to retrieve them

Where go archived messages go & how to retrieve them

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Darlene Mattos what do you mean by archived? Old messages or saved message?


I listen to message one of the options was to archive it after I listen to it so that's what I did


Have Samsung note8-how do I locate to retrieve?


We're are my archives located at in my apps


Archivedmessages from 611611


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What sort of message are they? What app did they come from, or what function of the phone?A google search of "Samsung Galaxy Note 3 archived messages" brought me here, for archived voicemails, which resolved the issue for the user by following these steps:

Select your Message screen and in the blue bar at the top is a dark blue colored down pointing arrow (very vague you can barely see it). Press the down arrow. It will pop up and show you INBOX, TRASH and ARCHIVE voicemails. You can then select the type of messages you want to retrieve.

I also found here for archived messages on facebook messenger, with these steps:

1. Open the Facebook Messenger App. Facebook Messenger is a blue speech bubble icon with a white lightning bolt in it.

2. Tap Home. It's the icon that looks like a house, and it appears at the top left corner just under the search bar.

3. Press and hold on a conversation. Doing so will reveal a pop-up menu.

4. Tap Archive. The conversation will be moved to the "Archived" folder.

5. Tap the blue speech bubble icon. It's in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and doing so will start a new conversation.

6. Type in the recipient of your archived conversation.

7. Tap on the recipient's name. You will now see the archived messages from the conversation appear in the chat window.

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How do I pull up archived text messages sent to me


Text message was from 611611


How do I retrieve an archived message from the "keep notes " on Samsung 9S plus?


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How do i retrieve some messages in archive to my inbox again

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