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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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MacBook air won't power on unless I disconnect battery and plug in


in detail this MacBook has been water damaged i have bought it with intent to pull apart for parts but before i did i thought id see if i could get it working.

I managed to get the laptop working and clean up the inside and managed to get the whole thing working once i disconnected the battery and powered on through the power supply, now after i turn it on through that i can turn it off and plug the battery back in and turn on with power connected and the battery charges and works from the power it puts out without charge connected.

now the problem is when i shutdown the computer fully or the battery runs out of charge i have to go through the disconnect the battery and power on with just the power supply again to get it to boot up.

would this mean a faulty battery or the SMC chip is damaged? i have done the hardware test by holding D on the keyboard when i first start the computer but i can only do this when the battery is disconnected because of the reasons above. It only shows a error saying the battery is disconnected and that everything else comes back fine, I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the problem is so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading,


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Just turned it off to have another go and realised when I press the power button whilst both charger and battery connected it lights up the charger green then goes back to orange, any idea if this helps narrow the issue?


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Well you clearly have a power logic issue. Theres more to it than the battery and SMC chip. As you have a liquid damaged logic board the MOSFET switching transistors are the more likely damaged.

You'll need to get the schematics and board layout drawings to reference and use to test the voltages and currents of the circuit.

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I wouldn’t have a clue on where to start with that! Just abit bizzare to me how everything works perfectly fine once started up but again I’m not as knowledgeable about this stuff as I want to be


Then your best bet is either finding someone with the skills or just replace the logic board. Here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Logic Board Replacement and the board is around $300-350 US.


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