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The third-generation Nissan Sentra was released in 1990 and produced through 1995. From August 1992 production, the B13 received a facelift for the 1993 model year.

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Changing engines from nissan fb 13 to hb 12

Can l replace my nissan fb 13 engine with a nissan sunny hb 12 engine. the engine is giving me problems. what are the areas that l will have to change including parts and systems? what advise can you give me on this issue?

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@xoo what exact year and engine is your Nissan fb as well as your nissan hb? You need to give us more information about the models so we can see if they interchange.


nissan fb 13 1993 the same is the engine


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The biggest hurdle I can see from looking at the specs, is that the HB13 is an 1800cc with a proprietary Nissan Fuel injection system, thereby having a computer to control it.

Where as the FB13 is a 1500cc with the standard Electronically controlled carburettor that was standard at the time. Not really much in the way of a computer/ecs.

Not sure where you live or the regulations there. But the HB has Front and rear disk brakes, yours only has the front disk and rear drums, you'd likely have to upgrade your brakes to deal with the increased Kw/Hp's.

HB - 102Kw.

FB - 69Kw.

And frankly if you are going to go to a fuel injected engine you may as well go to the next in the series as the Hb is a SR18DE: D = Dual overhead cams. E = Electronic fuel injection. And the next best one is the

SR20DET: 2.0 Lt, D-DoHC, E- Elec Fi, T- Turbo.

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