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Why does it say it’s at 100% but turns off and is at 10%

My phone has recently been shutting off after if gets to 100% and turns back on and says it’s at 10% or says it’s dead. It’s really aggervating cause i have to keep it on the charger 24/7 with out it dying fast and doing the shut down . can you please help me

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I believe you need a new battery. Your phone is clearly charging so more than likely it's your battery's life cycle ending.

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I would take advantage of Apple's program to replace the battery cheap.


They had to do this because of the slow down program they put in the new iOS and didn't tell anyone first.

Cost is $29.00

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how much would this be? i don’t have a lot of money so is it expensive?

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Depends on where you are. Prices will vary drastically depending on your location.

Even if we did give you estimates here, the price will be different from the mobile phone repair shops you may go to and that includes the apple store too.

Not really expensive from apple though, their price is around $40.


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