hi , auto gearbox shifting up too fast and only drives in 4x4

i have 55 plate auto sorento , on take of it quickly shifts up 3 gears , the button which changes from 4x4 wont change to auto when turned , just bought this car and already driving me nuts lol , any help appreciated , tia

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55 plate will mean next to nothing to anyone outside the UK/EU. I suspect though your vehicle is a 2005 or 2006 model? Even electronic 4wd's need to be engaged at static. Otherwise you are asking for trouble. If you can give us the accurate year and model, we can help you better. First thing first though, have you had it scanned for codes.


hi , no I haven't had it scanned for codes as there are no warning lights on dash so I didn't think it was required . the button that changes it from auto to 4x4 is in the auto position but its still flashing on the dash as if its still in 4x4 , do you think I should try changing auto transmission fluid ? or is there anything else you think might help ? , its a 2005 Sorrento xt , crdi auto , 2497cc , any help would be much appreciated , thanks


hi also do you know which auto fluid is best ? , tia


First thing is to get it scanned for codes, most codes do not register a check light fault just a code. So get it scanned first. Also probably not your fluid, if it is the same fluid you've always used. Pajero's have a similar issue. Try reversing it about 5 metres then drive it forward again. If this doesn't do the trick, put it in 4L and wait for it to 'go in' then do the same thing, then go back to auto and see if it works. If not it may be a solenoid or control module issue. But get it scanned first :)


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