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How to use ESD wristbands?

This might be a pretty stupid question, but I'm pretty stumped by this.

I've done quite a few screen repairs but I've been advised to get an ESD wristband. However, I've got no idea how to use them.

I've seen that it's a wristband with a connector attached to it. One end of the wire is the connector that plugs into the wristband and the other is a crocodile pin.

Where on Earth does the crocodile pin go?

I went into a repair shop and then had wristbands that had the same connector on both sides. One connector was on the wristband and the other on a plug in the wall.

So, what should I do?


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The crocodile pin goes to earth :>), earth ground that is. For example if you have a computer case on the bench, the chassis is connected to earth ground via the three-prong plug. If you connect your wrist strap to it, you are now grounded.

ESD Wrist Strap, What to Connect To?

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I’m so sorry, I still don’t really understand. What would the crocodile pin connect to?


Theres two parts here the first is the ground reference the ground pin of the electrical outlet works if the outlet is properly wired. The next is having a ESD conductive surface like an ESD mat which is electrically tied to the ground reference. That way the objects (parts & tools) on the mat are discharged safely to ground. The last part is making sure you are also discharged this is where the wrist strap comes in it too needs to be tied to ground or clipped to the mat.

When working on PC's we can cheat as the case can be used as the reference, phones are harder which is why a mat is needed.


So, getting an ESD mat is the solution? The pin goes onto the mat and the other onto the wristband? Is that the answer?


Well the issue is a matter of what you are working on...

Phones really need a mat, bigger PC's when you're working on replacing RAM or other serviceable parts you just clip your self to the computer frame. When working on logic boards then its best to have a mat.

You can daisy chain the strap to the mat and the the mats connection to the outlets ground point.

The wrist strap has the cable attached or has a snap for a removable cable. The other side of the cable either has a RCA pin connection or alligator clip which could be press fitted over the pin. Some ESD desks have a plug mount for the ESD strap which is why you have removable alligator on some cables.


So, if I'm doing basic repairs. Screens, charging ports, etc.. What would you recommend I take into place regarding safety? I'm not in any sort of workshop or anything. Just on my desk.


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