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The smaller of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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MacBook Air A1465 purch @ auction. Opening screen looking for User&PW

I have a MacBook Air A1465 I just purchased at an auction.

The opening screen shows rectangular box for a name a second one to enter a password. The name and password given to me at the auction is not working.

Below the grey boxes it says welcome to' ......High school'

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Most likely the system was lost and someone placed it on an auction web site to get some money.

Sadly, your system has a hardware password set and you will need to contact the school the system to see if it was sold legitimately. If not you should get your money back from the site and give the system back to the school.

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It was purchased at the school itself , The funding for the school was dropped and so the few laptops were sold off, I purchased it for my son ,,These were sold sometime after the time they were set aside because of funding..I can get as far as to the padlock but was not givin this password due to hindsight of the programmer that is no longer a part of the school system..the padlock screen is the efi bios password...this is where Im stuck...and needing the help...


Sorry to hear the school needed to sell off the gear. Lets see if you can force the reset by resetting the PRAM five times in a row. Some systems will allow you to clear the lock. Otherwise you'll need to either replace the EFI chip or replace the logic board.


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Hi Michael,

Have you tried booting into recovery mode yet? Command+R while booting will get you there. Once in recovery click on Utilities in the toolbar and select Terminal. In Terminal enter the following command passwordreset. This will bring up the password reset utility, you should then be able to select a user and reset the password. This is all under the assumption that there is not a Firmware Password set on the computer.

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