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The first generation of the executive car by Volvo known as the S80.

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Why does My 1999 Volvo S80 crank but won't start?

My car acted like it was running out of gas, so I SHUT it off till I got gas in it. Now, it's cranking/turning over but won't start. What's wrong?

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This is common problem, one I suffered and learned the hard way by going through everything to come to conclusion. These Volvo's will die without warning often, but since you had warning of engine failure slowly evidently, as you made it to gas station, I would check for fuel pressure first at the Schrader valve on fuel rail end. It looks like a typical tire air valve, take off cap, use a cloth and insert small screw driver into valve pin and see if it spurts gas out, if not, you may have a fuel sensor issue, or worse, fuel pump failure. If you have had any signs of wet floors inside your vehicle, and you have fuel pressure getting to fuel rail, then it likely is CEM got wet, a big issue with most Volvo's I have discovered due to clogged sun roof drain tubes, and clogged cowl drains allowing water to reach electronic controls.


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Sounds like it could be your fuel pump. When you turn the ignition on, without cranking the engine. Do you hear a buzzing sound coming from the rear of the car?

If not, check your fuel pump fuses and relays, if they are good it's possible your fuel pump needs replacing.

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Another quick check if not a fuel pressure issue, unplug the MAP sensor and see if engine starts, this can prevent your motor from starting as well if dirty or bad, and you can safely drive with it disconnected, better than wasting money of tow. These are the most simple and quick ways to diagnose without diagnostic tools. Another common issue if not getting fuel to engine PEM module located near fuel pump in right side pass. rear wheel well which suffers from corrosion in connections. And if it turns out to be this module, you can buy the same one at Ford dealer for half the price than at Volvo dealer. lol

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