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X550CC Wont register SSD as bootable


I wonder if anyone can help, i'm trying to add a SSD to my X550CC Laptop. After fresh installing windows into it, it wont show as bootable in the bios. I've updated the bios, redone the usb with windows on, disabled secure boot and everything else i can find online.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can the Laptop even have a SSD? i cant find anyone that says that though!

Many Thanks

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Hi Glenn,

Does your laptop recognize the SSD in the BIOS? Did Windows successfully find your added SSD, and finish installing before automatically restarting the computer? Are there any options in your BIOS that allow you to switch the SATA operating mode between AHCI and IDE? Does this SSD use the standard SATA interface, or is it a PCIe blade style SSD? Just trying to collect some more info!

- Jasen

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Hi Jason,

The SSD is picked up by the Bios in Sata Config. Windows finds the drive, installs but after restarting says no operating system found. It's set to ACHI and i just swapped it with the normal hard drive.

Been confusing me for a few days now and got to the point where i think it just doesn't like ssds!


Try switching from AHCI to IDE and see what that does. Also, what Windows are you attempting to install?


OK will try that thanks. Windows 10, downloaded the latest creation tool from there website


Ok great. If it won't boot after switching it to IDE, leave it in IDE mode and reinstall Windows again to see if it works.


Thanks will try that. this is the SSD i've got;

Kingston SSDNow UV400 120 GB Solid State Drive SATA 3 Standalone Drive, 2.5 Inch


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