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Upgrade logic board to support Thunderbolt 3

Hi All

I have mid-2015 iMac 27" 5K, I've done a couple of upgrades to it CPU, SSD, & RAM in 2016. However, my system only supports Thunderbolt 2.

Last year I brought a new MacBook Pro 15" which supports Thunderbolt 3, because of different Thunderbolt versions, the iMac cannot connect to the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock working with MacBook Pro.

As I'm quite satisfied with my iMac's performance, I'm not looking at purchasing a new system to replace this one.

At this stage, I am thinking to a DIY upgrade, I am not quite sure if I purchase a late-2015 or later version of iMac logic board (Supports Thunderbolt 3) to replace the current one, will it work compatible with the other old model components?

Thanks a lot

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Why are you trying to connect the OWC Dock to your iMac?


Cos I want to make both iMac and MacBook Pro connect to one dock. OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock seems a good option for me, but the iMac logic board need to be upgraded or purchase a new iMac.

Any recommendations for better dock choices?


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I think you're a bit OCD ;-}

You do realize you can't share the devices via Thunderbolt to the same dock from both systems. Its either system A or system B and you can't have them both plugged in at the same time.

So lets look at what you're trying to share: Printer or Storage?

As far as changing out the logic board Apple altered the display so you will need to switch that out as well. Between the two parts alone thats the close to the price of a new system! Thats a lot of money to solve your OCD.

I think you likely want a front facing hub unit as the iMac's ports are harder to get to if you want easier access to the ports. I have a simple USB hub plugged in for my needs, thats a lot cheaper!

My storages is a NAS so its easier to access across my systems but I could have just used an Ethernet cable interconnecting the two systems to share there files and the printer (or even WiFi). And I can even share the screen so my MacBook Pro can use my iMac's screen or even the second display I've got connected.

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