Cellular service reset loop.

My iPhone 7 started acting strange just recently. The cellular service data bars seem to loop every 15 seconds. At the end of the 15

seconds, it show full bars, go back down, and will occasionally say no service. I’m quite familiar with how to fix iPhones, but this is the first time I’ve had an iPhone 7 and with this issue. Images will be included.

EDIT: The connection is stable and uninterrupted when I'm talking on the phone.

Block Image

Block Image

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Phone calls usually use 3G, but while not in calls 4G / LTE is usually used.

To get an issue like that fixed, chances are you will have to take the phone to someone that does board-level repairs / microsoldering.

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Any clue as to the estimated cost?


it cost from 80 up to 120 for the no service/searching issue.


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