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What is wrong? Screen has gone black, vibration & Volume not working.

Hoping you can help in isolating what the issue may be with my phone, the situations are as follows:

  • The Screen turned off and went black this morning - it has not been dropped but the screen has been replaced by me previously.
  • Vibration and volume do not appear to be working.

* When connecting the phone via Bluetooth in my car I was able to receive calls through the Bluetooth but was not able to make calls but I suspect that was caused by power cycling the device and it not having been unlocked.

I have tried the test to see if it is the backlight that is causing the issue but when I shine a light on it I can't see anything which makes me think it isn't that..?

What I'd like to know is if I replace the screen will this fix the issue? It just seems strange that the vibration and volume are not working?

Any assistance on this would be much appreciated.


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Can't tell if replacing the screen will fix this issue. You will have to get another screen tested on there.

And I'll have to point this out on the 6s model because it's easy to blow the backlight on this specific one, always unplug the battery first before unplugging any other cables on the phone.

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Thanks for the quick response Ben! It is just strange though that both vibrate and volume don't work? That is what is making me think the issue is bigger than just a faulty screen... I did some reading and found some articles on here suggesting that they work again if you plug in the original iPhone screen but unfortunately I have thrown that away..

When I replaced the screen I did disconnect the battery first and when the phone went black it was months after the screen had been replaced and worked perfectly.. very strange indeed!

Is there anything visually that I can check to see if I have blown the backlight? When shining a bright light on the screen I cannot see anything on there at all.

When I plug the phone into my computer via USB I do get the usb detected noise and the same when I unplug it.


Unplug the battery, plug it back in then turn the phone on, look for a dim apple logo via flashlight to see if you have blown the backlight or not.


Hi Ben - I have tested this now and after turning the phone on and using a flashlight there is no apple logo visible during boot up. Any other ideas/suggestions? Is it likely to be a screen issue or something more serious with the logic/motherboard?


Probably going to be bad screen in your case.

I had aftermarket screen blow up backlight with dim display on a 6s but luckily it doesn't seem to be that on yours.


I hope so! I have ordered a replacement screen and will hope that this fixes it.. Still bizarre that there are issues with the vibration/volume though?


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