An older multifunction printer sold commonly at Walmart in the last few years.

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Cannot open the printer cover to replace ink cartridges

I had a very frustrating problem with my printer - I think actually a firmware bug from Epson. It would go back and forth between saying Replace Ink Cartridges and another error about invalid ink cartridge detected. There is a lock where you cannot open the top unless it gets out of this state but it was stuck in that state.

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And here is the answer that even Epson support didn't know (they claimed it was a HW issue which it was not). There is a small rectangular slot on the front right of the cover. Gently push a screwdriver or the point of a scissor down into that and it releases the top!

I was then able to replace the ink cartridges and all was well again.

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Outrageous design fault. How can companies like this put out such rubbish


still cant open it


where exactly is the slot? Don't see anything to the right of the ink hatch cover. I can lift the right side of the cover but the left side is locked down tight. Don't want to break it, though people have said they've forced it open


there is a small square on the display side of the scanner glass one for each side lock to open the panel


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