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A redesigned Sorento (codename XMA) was launched in South Korea in 2009 as a 2010 model. The second generation was Kia's first model to be manufactured in the United States.

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2012 Sorento's Transmission Need to be Taken Out for a Fluid Change!?

Okay here's the issue I'm having with my Kia Dealer.

They are quoting a ridiculous amount and time to change the transmission fluid (Nearly $800 and 3 days ) on my Sorento and apparently do it on every Sorento and there's a waiting list.

I find it very odd as to why the vehicle's entire transmission needs to be taken out and dismantled in order to do a transmission oil change. Can someone please explain why?

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The most likely scenario is, they are ripping you off! aka thieves. Unless there is a recall notice for it, and then it should be done by the dealer for free. Or a TSB then it shouldn't happen that way.

Apparently there is a special procedure but it has nothing to do with taking the unit out of the vehicle.

Watch this.

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Just as I suspected. Thanks Vulkus


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The transmission does not need to be taken out.. Absurd. Just drain and refill. I buy the Valvoline ATF fluid from Walmart for 17 bucks.. I did a drain and refill twice. There is a drain plug on bottom, refill plug on top and a level plug in the middle.. Refill until it slowly runs from the middle plug. Very easy. Transmission runs smooth. Don't let them BS you. They are there to make money..

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I believe the dismantle is to change the filter which is highly recommended with a fluid change. Look at your owners manual about how often to change the fluid and how often to change the filter. If this is an automatic transmission I recommend an inline fluid flush to also drain and flush the radiator cooler or external cooler if there is one plus you are flushing with the torque convertor running (with engine running) and pumping more of the dirty fluid out, use a full case as part of the flush in my opinion.

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