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Pioneer AVH1300-NEX backup camera not displaying!

Installing a pioneer AVH1300-nex.

Everything works except the backup camera display is black. When I put it in reverse the H/U switches to backup camera mode and it says "image may be reversed" and shows the parking assist lines. I move the gear selector either way and the H/U goes back to regular mode.

I know the camera works when i put it in reverse because I have a separate video monitor it displays on. It turns on when I select reverse and off when I select another gear.

-head unit works

-camera works

-reverse triggers a backup screen

-screen is black with warning message

-backup lines show

-hooked into brown port "r/c in"

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Try testing the camer’s power connections. Maybe when you tested the camera using the separate monitor, the camera was getting a different power connection or source. Put the car in reverse, make sure the H/U is showing the backup screen, then check the camera’s power (at the camera) to make sure it’s getting 12V. You can also try connecting the camera to constant power instead of switched power temporarily. Some Pioneer head units run a video signal input check when they’re first turned on. If no camera signal is present, it might cause problems. Also see if there is a camera power connection on the Pioneer H/U. It might be necessary to power the camera from the H/U instead of elsewhere (such as tapping into reverse lights).

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