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Blocked from wifi network

So, here is my story.

At school, we have iPads. In consequence, we also have wifi. For about a year, my iPhone has been connected to the school wifi. However, for about a week now, it won't connect anymore. I have the correct username and password, but once entered, the wifi wheel just spins forever. I remember faintly them saying at the beginning that they would block phones from the network and it seems like they have finally done it to mine. This only happens on this network. Is there any way that I could re-connect, as using data all day is going to cost alot!



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Hey Timothy,

I would check to see if your school has a whitelist for your network. Often, they require registration of devices so that they can be tracked in the event somebody is inappropriately using the network. In my school district (and many others), they employ a similar teqnique. If you know your school network admin, go talk to him/her. I'm sure they would be willing to help out with your problem, and it never hurts to have a friend like that! If your school has a website, try searching to see if they have any wifi registration forms linked.

However, before trying to do any of this, try power cycling your phone (completely shutting it down and rebooting). In addition, try going into settings and forgetting the network. Then, reconnect with your same username and password. If that doesn't work, then I would try the above.

Hope this helps,


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