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Refresh of the original BlackBerry Bold. Known in some circles as the BlackBerry Bold 2.

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EMI/RF Shielding Removal for Blackberry 9700 Bold 2

EMI/RF Shielding Removal for Blackberry 9700 Bold 2

I have a blackberry 9700 and the EMI shielding does not have clip on's.The EMI shield seems soldered to the PCB.

How else can I remove the shielding from the PCB?

Should I use a heat gun. I heard heat guns are bad for cell phone motherboards.I think they wear out the green covering which covers the copper wiring which it covers.

I'm still learning so make it easy for me to understand.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

I put a video up check it out.


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Thre are a couple of ideas on here as well as on Youtube and tools are available here I personally use a small tip soldering iron and a wick or vacuum de-soldering tool which is available in places like Radio Shack. Good Luck

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But was your methods successful with the blackberry's.

Or did you damage the PCB board.


I have not yet damaged a board by using a soldering iron and a solder sucker. I have better control over a soldering iron than a heat gun. I do know that in order to remove some components one will have to use a hot air source. You do see in the youtube link how it has been covered to avoid damage to other components. Just like anything else in life, nothing ventured nothing gained. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith in our abilities and like Nike says, Just do it :-)


If you want some soldering tips that are 101 go on YouTube and search curiousinventor..... Absolute genius with just a 40w finetip iron. There are several 5min vids on soldering and desoldering..quality images not some shaky headcam


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