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Can lack of the pentalobe screws cause touch-sensor issues?


I recently got an iPhone 6s with "dead-screen". I made very poor decision by handing it to some Low-profile-undergound-repair-guy who said that he could just change the backlit panel since the screen itself wasn't damaged (other then some minor scratches). After 3 hours of waiting, he to not only managed to break the screen, but also he had wasted my original touch ID button while re-assembling the phone..

Well He installed new home button, refunded all my money (which I gave him to buy this "backlit panel"), and I left.

The Screen was broke, but it was working in the way of just showing the image. touch-sensor was broke and doing crazy skills, like opening apps itself and some other random clicks etc. So I ordered screen-replacement from Amazon and assembled it myself yesterday. I found out instantly that two bottom screws was missing, and later I saw that steel protectors were also gone. One that protects cable connections for battery, and other one above - which covers 3 cables on the board (shown below).

Block Image

Phone works fine now, but 10 minutes ago I saw another touch-sensor glitch (opening things itself). I guess problem is with those protectors and/or with pentalobe screws (Which I have already ordered now).

So Is it dangerous to use a phone without steel protectors and with out of the 2 screws?

Should I buy protectors aswell?


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Only Apple can pair the button with the logic board so touch ID is kaput.

These are possibly the replacement screws you need:

iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus Liberation Kit

I hope you left this guy a Google review to help others.

iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus Liberation Kit Изображение


iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus Liberation Kit


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I already ordered that one

I'm more interested in having or not having steel protector for cable connections. How importan it is(?)

Thank you


The touch issues aren't caused by the metal covers for the screen connector being missing.

It's pretty much there to stop the cables disconnecting when the phone is dropped.

I'm surprised that the metal cover got removed for the sim reader. I wonder if that works still. I mean there's literally no reason to remove that.


Maybe I made wrong lines on the picture. There are two protectors missing inside of tbe phone, one for the 3 cable connector, and the other that covers the battery connector cable.

So what else can cause Touch sensor issues if not a bottom screws and connectors? Wh;(en I have newly installed screen,


Sounds like a faulty digitizer. The battery shield and LCD/Touch shields are not necessary for the phone to function, and unless you go running a lot, do lots of manual labor, etc. I wouldn't even bother replacing them. I've gotten a few faulty screens from Amazon before, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happened. I did find a great company on there though, their name is "Urepair" and they sell great quality screens. Try returning the one you purchased and getting one from them. never had a bad one from them.


Skyejobs, Hm customers reviews says the opposite about the quality of that companys screen. Well anyway I'll wait for bottom screws to deliver and see if it's the point of the problem. Thanks everyone


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