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Brand new drone shows low battery before even taking off

I got this drone brand new for $50, and even fully-charged, it does not always take off. I have gotten it to fly a few times, and got at least (Emphasis on At least) 5 minutes out of it.

The issue is, it starts up, and it can sit at a low speed just fine, but the seccond I try increasing the throttle to take off, it starts flashing the nav lights indicating low battery, and then shuts down. I would like to note that the battery is quite small for a drone. Here are some pictures showing how small it is.

Block Image

Block Image

The drone is very similar to the Syma x5c as seen in this picture

Block Image

Is it possible to get a bigger battery for it, as I have a drone very similar that rocks a 800 MAH battery and puts out at least 10 minutes of fly time.


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@connor2003 since this is a brand new Drone, I'd contact wherever you bought it from and have it exchanged. Those things do not get better the longer you wait. It is entirely possible that this is strictly a battery issue. It may charge but not hold a charge for long. Yes, you can always use a battery with a larger mAh value for as long as it has the right voltage and the right dimension.

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I will just get a new battery.


@connor2003 let us know how it works out. Drone repair is still a bit scarce around here....


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