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The Kia Optima is a mid-size car produced by Kia Motors beginning in 2000 and marketed globally with various names. Firsts-generation cars (2001-2005) were generally sold as the Optima, though the name Kia Magentis was used in Europe and Canada when sales in those regions began in 2002.

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Where is the plug that a diagonistic tool can be put on?

Where is the plug that a diagnostic tool can be put? where exactly is it on a 2001 kia optima? My neighbor has the diagonostic tool but we could not find where to plug it in at? is it under the hood? or under the dash board and do I have to take the dashboard apart if it is there? help someone please.

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thank you Frank for help. i just need the diagonostic codes now. i know alot to ask.


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It is just under the dash, to the right of the steering wheel facing forward.

Here is a link to a forum about it.



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It is located in the fuse box

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Mine is next to the battery and has a cover over it says diagnosis 2004 kia optima

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