Apple's third-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 22, 2017.

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My crown Fell off.

My digital crown has completely fallen off my dog actually bit the crown and it is literally off the watch..can apple replace my crown for a fee?

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If you still have the part bring it and the watch in to the Apple Store as it still should be covered under warranty.

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Yes I have the part...but can the crown alone be fixed or replaced... warranty is not an issue am ready to pay if the crown can be fixed


Yes, the crown can be replaced. It's a bit tricky any not many people can do it.

I would just let Apple replace it for free! Even if you have to send it in.

Don't over volunteer to much info (I wouldn't tell them the dog chewed it). If theres bite marks say you lost it.


Thanks bro... I'll get apple to fix it... Thank you so much


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