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Why is touch no longer functional on a recently repaired phone?

Hey iFixit community,

Recently, I fixed my mom's water damaged phone, which is now working perfectly, all except the rear camera. I noticed there was still a little gunk on the camera and digitizer connecter, so I went ahead and cleaned it with some isopropyl alcohol and scraped a bit of the gunk out with the small angled iFixit tweezers. Unfortunately, I think I may have damaged something on the connector, as touch is no longer functional.

What do you think the problem is? Is it an easy fix? If it requires microsoldering, I have been waiting for an excuse to buy some new equipment, but if there is an easier fix, I would love to know.

Block Image

Thanks for any help,



I think I may have found the problem, but I don't know where I would get the parts or how to fix it. If you look very closely beneath the digitizer connector in one of the exposed areas, it appears as though two spall resistors/capacitors (too small for me to tell!) got scraped off. If anyone knows a cheap way to fix this, that would be great! Unfortunately, I cannot buy a set of hot tweezers, as I do not have that kind of money (after all, I am a high school student). Also, if anyone is experienced in microsoldering, that would be awesome for your help!

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3D touch or touch ID? If it's touch ID, there might have been a problem when connecting the touch ID ribbon to where it belongs.

Have you done any screen replacements? Could be a faulty screen, if you've gotten it off a cheap/untrustworthy site.

Could you be a bit more specific as to what you mean by touch?


By 3D touch, I mean the force touch. When you hold it down and get extra info on apps. (I'm not sure how to explain because I use an older model iPhone)


Sorry, I guess I was a little vague. No touch at all works on the screen. I have done multiple screen replacements and got it from a trustworthy source. I had already fixed the phone, and everything was working except for the rear camera. I decided to fix the rear camera and ended up cleaning its connector, as well as the connector for the digitizer. The digitizer no longer works after the cleaning of the connector


@tootsky3 "If you look very closely " not possible. your image is to distorted to make out any detail. Post some sharp images if you need to identify components.


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Your most likely going to need to bring it to an reputable mobile phone repair shop that does micro soldering / board level repairs to put on the missing SMD components back onto the logic board.

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