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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Not charging, no usb connectivity

I have encountered quite a few ipad air and air 2 which I am unable to repair. Unit still doesn't detect charger and no usb connectivity even after changing the charging chip and the lightning port. Some boards will detect charger when it is plug-in while the unit is OFF but failed to recognized it again when you unplugged and plugged the usb cable again. I suspect that the PMU is defective but replacing it is beyond my capability. Any help and info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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While many "no charge" can be repaired by changing just the Tristar IC, the actual charging circuit is much more complicated than that. On the iPad Air 2, the Tigris-like functions are handled by the PMIC so if a Tristar replacement doesn't work, that usually ends up being the next option. But this is not an easy IC to replace and it is quite expensive. Before changing that IC, you have to double check the surrounding circuits/components and properly test the PMIC outputs.

You may want to source this out to someone with more extensive experience on the Air 2.

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Replacing PMIC is not really practical for me as the profit margin is very little. I was just hoping that maybe it is something that can easily be resolve and more cost effective. Thank you so much the help!


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