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Device repair and troubleshooting help for the E1-571 model of Acer Aspire laptop computers.

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How do I fix my broken case and hinge

well this was first of all a display computer running windows 8 but i was young and dumb and managed to corrupt it and brought it to my uncle who put a new worse hard drive and thought it be okay to not even put a full operating system and instead a windows 7 trial (i still hold this secretly against him) now this computer was owned by a dumb kid who did not realize that you actually need to take care of this stuff and well now many years later the plastic next to the power button and power cable port is well.... broken and the hinge is broken its just bad and i would like to try to fix it altough i am buying a gaming pc desktop a laptop is always nice to have could any of you help me out with my problems basicly what i want to do is to fix the plastic , hinge , get a new hard drive and install windows on it.

thank you for your time.

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alright. The hard drive is easy enough. Take the back panel off with a couple screws. unscrew the HDD mount from the case, transfer the mount to the new HDD, and reinstall the mount with the new HDD in it.

Installing windows? they only sell Windows 10 now. It comes in a USB. plug in the USB and boot up the device with the new HDD in it. If it doesnt automatically boot up to installing windows, you will need to boot from the bios menu. to do this, power down the laptop, and reboot it. repeatedly press F8 until booting completes. this will let you choose what to boot from in the Boot options.

"Fixing" plastic isnt quite possible. if you want it looking nice again, you will need to replace the top panel of the housing. a housing set can be ordered online based on the model of your aspire. ebay, amazon, ali-Express, etc are good sites to check, but you may have to do some extensive google searching. Removing the panel is all clip and screw based. if it wount clip out easy, then there is another screw hiding somewhere on the housing.

The hinge is made of steel, and likely had the anchors broken off of the housing, so buying a new housing likely will fix that issue as well

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