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iPhone 6s Apple Pay working intermittently.

iPhone 6s Apple Pay fails to work consistently after mild contact with water during rain.

iPhone housing has been replaced with aftermarket housing 3 months ago, but Wifi Bluetooth all works. Apple Pay worked reliably until contact with water.

So, is it a problem with the housing, pin connectors, cables or logic board itself? Is it possible that the NFC IC is broken? All other features of the iPhone works.

What is the best step to do now? Replace the housing, ribbon or NFC IC?

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With water damage, you have to decontaminate the logic board before doing anything else, otherwise there will be latent issues down the road. I suspect that the NFC IC was affected by the water/corrosion. The only way to know for certain is to open the device and inspect the logic board, looking of signs of water damage.

If you see any (especially underneath the logic board - must remove the upper black shield), then the logic board must be properly decontaminated. You can try to use >90% IPA and a soft brush. If that doesn't work, then a micro-soldering repair will be necessary.

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Oh wait I tried remebering the day of the water damage and i realised that apple pay failed to work for the very first time BEFORE i got caught in the drizzle. so the hardware was not failing due to water damage.

So now my question is: can the aftermarket housing be the problem? is the NFC antennae the same as the wifi Bluetooth and lte antennae? All of these other features still work so would that imply the housing is not at fault?

If the logic board is failing, is there a way for me to double check? it costs >$100 to replace the NFC IC so I want to be sure. I have tried the Apple remote diagnosis and the rep said the hardware showed no problems. is this diagnosis accurate? can it detect a failing NFC IC?

Thank you so much for your previous and future responses :)


A micro-soldering repair shop that works on a no fix no fee basis should be able to properly diagnose the issue and only charge you if they succeed.


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