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4-дюймовый iPhone выпущенный в марте 2016 года на той же самой платформе, что и 6s. Доступен в серебристом, сером, золотом и розовом цветах с 16/64 Гб памяти. Модели A1662 и A1723.

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Low battery shutoff problems

New battery from ifixit installed. Cycled battery x 2. When it shuts off from low battery it will not prevent a restart attemt. The old battery would give me an indication that the phone needed to be charged before it tried to restart. Now it attempts to restart and gets caught in a reboot cycle.

Any ideas?

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Let's start with this.

Today, iOS 11.3 has been released.

Please connect your iPhone SE to a computer to update it (to keep the power levels while updating).

Now there is a new section in iOS 11.3 under Settings --> Battery.

What does the health of the battery say?

It could be you received a defective battery and should be exchanged.

However this is the Q&A forum, which is a different entity from the store.

If your iOS 11.3 indicates a defective battery, please contact https://help.ifixit.com/

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[IMPORTANT] Clarity for all the battery problems!

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