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iPhone will not charge. Charging icon comes up for split second.

I have an iPhone 7 plus that moisture got in and now wont charge, I took the motherboard and cleaned it, replaced the charging port and battery with no luck. The phone does work but as soon as the battery dies I need to change the battery for the phone to turn on. When I plug in the phone the Battery icon comes on for a split second then a message comes up "This Accessory may not be supported" and stopes charging immediately. I'm using multiple apple OEM chargers at 1A, 2A and also 3A. All help would be greatly appreaciated.

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It sounds like you have a damaged charging circuit on the logic board. The Tristar IC is responsible for communicating with the charge while the Tigris IC is responsible for delivering the current. all of this is powered by the PMIC and managed by the CPU.

Given the error you are receiving, I would tend to think the problem is Tristar related bu t because the phone was water damaged, there could be other issues in the charge circuit as well. This will require a micro-soldering repair .

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