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This laptop includes a 15.6 inch screen display, 500GB hard drive, and an Intel Core i3 processor. Released in February 2012, it is identified by model number NP300E5A-A02UB.

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Sata port: Not Installed (HDD)

Samsung NP300E4A Sata port: Not Installed (HDD)

Everytime i power on this laptop it wont boot the HDD because the "Sata port: Not Installed (HDD)" but if i wiggle the sata cable of the HDD then power back on it works everytime . i don't want to this everytime i will power on this laptop.


Thanks !

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Is the SATA cable seated firmly into both connectors, motherboard and HDD?

Can you isolate it to whether you have to move the 'motherboard' end of the SATA cable or the HDD end of the SATA cable at all?

Depending on which end the problem seems to be it may be either a faulty (loose) SATA connector on the motherboard, (hopefully not), a faulty SATA connector cable or a faulty (loose) HDD connection.

Unfortunately if you cannot easily determine exactly where the problem lies you may have to change either the HDD or the SATA cable, to prove by a process of elimination, where the problem is


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Hello @jayeff ,

yes the connector is seated firmly on motherboard and HDD.

I tried to move the motherboard end of the SATA cable and sometimes it's working if not i move both ends.

if still not not working i disconnect and connect the SATA cable from both ends of the motherboard and HDD this works everytime.

i think the problem is the SATA Cable. hopefully it is.

what you think @jayeff ?

Thanks to your reply.



What happens if you disconnect/reconnect the HDD end only, does it work then too?

Given the cost of a new SATA cable, it is worth the effort to change it at least to eliminate it as a possibility if it doesn't solve the problem.


@jayeff ,

sometimes it works when i disconnect and reconnect just the HDD end of the SATA cable.

I already change the SATA Cable and it FIXED the issue.

to make it sure that it is realy the SATA Cable i turn on and off (many times) the laptop and got no error message.



Good one!

You could try to open the SATA cable at the HDD end to check where the problem is but really not much point.

I suggest that you discard the faulty cable (if you don't want to try and fix it) as you don't want to get caught in the future by using it for whatever reason.



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