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Repair guides and information for kitchen food scales.

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Aws LB-501 kitchen scale won't power up.

I have an AWS LB - 501 scale won't power up

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Hi @sh_67 ,

Are you using the supplied 6V power adapter or batteries in the scales?

If using the power adapter try inserting 4 x AA batteries into the scales to check if it works. If it does then there is a problem with the power adapter.

(Check that they are inserted correctly).

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If using batteries, try using the 6V power adapter or try new batteries to check if it works now.

Also if using batteries check that the scale's battery compartment battery connection terminals are bright and shiny and that they are applying enough tension on the batteries to ensure a good connection.

If the above seem all OK it may be that the scale's On/Mem key may be faulty or that there is another fault further into the scale's operating circuit.

You may remember that there is a 10 year manufacturer's warranty on the scale (as long as you can produce a copy of the original sales receipt), so it may be advisable to consider this before opening the scale to investigate the problem further.

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