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Questions for people who own or work in repair shops

This isn't specifically a repair question, but I thought those of you who do this professionally might have some insight on a situation I am dealing with.... I'd appreciate your insight. Thanks

I dropped my phone off at a local, highly rated repair shop at the end of january because the backlight stopped working. Other than that you could tell the phone was working fine... I still haven't gotten it back as of April 1. When I've called they say that they've done work on the phone but it still has "issues".... I realize phone fixes are not always easy. And I understand that they are busy, but it's been two + months. Am I out of line thinking that this is a bit ridiculous?

My other question is, if this shop does not fix the problem, how do I know they have not caused further damage to my device attempting repairs after telling me they could fix it? What would you do in this situation if it was your business?

after this long I'm getting nervous and feeling very unprotected

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i do most repairs the same week i recieve them, it shouldnt take that length of time for a backlight repair. i would call into the shop and ask for the phone back and take it somewhere else. if they have a no fix no fee policy then they shouldnt ask for any payment as they didnt fix the problem. while in the shop check to see if theres still image on the phone, if not tell them it had when you dropped it off with them and ask what they will do about it

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It should only take about an Hour to fix the Phone. It only takes us 2-3 days if we have to order the phone screen. So no more than a week to fix it. Like said above If they don't fix it there should be no charge and the phone should be returned the same as it came in. We replace any phone that we damage and can not repair that is just good business.


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