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[IMPORTANT] Clarity for all the battery problems!

Since im reading so many topics about problems with replaced batterys and after iOS 11.3 made the whole thing clear for me, I decided to open this thread and light up your issues!

It all started with the replacement of my iPhone 6's original battery; I got the feeling, that the new one I bought from iFixit drains faster than my original one back in the old days. I also got the issue that whenever my iPhone is out of battery and I'm trying to restart it, it falls into a bootloop instead of showing me the battery or "charge-me"-icon.

Yesterday iOS 11.3 came out and if you using a non-original-battery, you shouldn't be able to use the new "Battery Health"-feature, because it just supports original batterys from Apple.

This and all the topics i will link you now, made it clear for me, that non-original-batterys (regardless where you got it from) doesn't work like original ones.

1.) [iOS 11.3] Battery Health - Replaced Battery?! (This topic includes pictures!)

2.) Boot loop when battery is empty (One of the earlier topics after the problem become public! See last post especially!)

3.) iPhone 7 stuck in boot loop after screen replacement

4.) Low battery shutoff problems

+ alot more topics you can find while using Google!

What can I do now?

If you haven't replaced your original battery already, I just can recommend you to go to Apple and let it replace as long as they have the $29-campagne! If you replaced it already, you can ask them for help too or trying to get a OEM-battery and hope it works fine!

I hope this topic made all the issues a bit clearer and helps others aswell!

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Thanks for updating the community!


Keep in mind Battery Health feature is still in BETA !! in 11.3


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@nick - Why did you move this to Meta? It was best to leave it in the Answers section so others could see. Thats why I pointed to it with my note.


@nick - Lets put it back

If you want place a link to my note here in Meta Re(регулярное выражение): Backlight stopped working, but external video is fine so they can see the IFIXIT response.

Delete all our stuff as well so its like it was.


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Thank you for moving this topic back where it belongs.

Today I tried a original battery I bought from eBay and it works like it should with the battery and "charge-me"-icon.

It's 100% confirmed, just original batterys work like they should!

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