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When I fully seat my new screen, my phone switches to headphone mode

I replaced my screen and before fully seating the screen back into place, I performed a function test. Everything worked great. Then I snapped the screen back into place, and when I did that, it got stuck in headphone mode. When I slightly lift the screen, by the home button, the phone gets out of headphone mode. Any one else have this problem and know how to fix it?

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It could be the screen frame is contacting the headphone jack on the Lightning flex. Check the metal tab (where you screw the backplate to the frame) to see if it is bent and possible putting pressure on the jack. Otherwise, there could be something wrong with the Lightning Flex but it doesn't sound like you touched it for this repair.

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It doesn’t appear that the tabs are contacting anything when firmly seated into the phone. Could it be related to a lack of adhesive is creating a grounding issue, disabling the phones speakers, when the the new screen is fully seated?


No, the adhesive has nothing to do with grounding.


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