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Repair guides and support for Ford's third-generation E-Series full-size van, also known as the Econoline or Ford Club Wagon.

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No sound on my viper alarm system

Replaced a old weak or wimpy horn on my van that has a viper alarm system installed. After replacing horn and verify it worked, the alarm all worked except that there is no sound coming off the new horn from alarm. Lights flash, car lockes, remote start work. But alarm which only sounds on my fob, will make no sound in my van. I suspect and hope its a fuse, but it's so disorganized under that dash...I need help please. I got health issues and getting upset is not good for me.

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You may have to reset your alarm. What model viper alarm is it?


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I had a similar problem, and I'm not sure, but I was told it may have something to do with the valet button, or switch.

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