Why can't I see my BIOS anymore?

I cannot get to my BIOS anymore. Before it worked completely fine, and I could easily get to my BIOS. But now when I try to get to my BIOS, it doesn't show anything on my screen when I am in BIOS. I go to BIOS the same way I always did, but now the screen doesn't show anything. I have an external monitor, so could it be a problem with my monitor?


OS: Windows 64-bit

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700

Monitor: Viewsonic

BIOS Version: AMI F.03

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Hi @realmvc

What operating systems is it? some bios pass screen fast, if using win 8 and above, you can try the link below to access.



I have a Windows 10. I have tried the methods above, but my screen won't show anything when I try to go to BIOS. It used to work fine, but not anymore.


@realmvc , consider to visit to hp website to check for possible new BIOS release.


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is that desktop or a laptop ? if the computer works otherwise fine, just the bios isn't opening

maybe it is something stupid, like stuck / non working key , or stuck ctrl/shift key, so it doesn't sense the triggering key appropriately. i don't know what it is in case of your computer, you can check it somewhere online.

bios is superior to the operating system, so i don't think it plays any role whatsoever. if the monitor works fine when the computer is running, it is highly unlikely that it will be the issue, even though the starting resolution is completely different than when system is loading/running.

it shoulnd't be so hard to come across anothe monitor and keyboard. try that for starters.hp might have some bios/firmware tools on their site too. but be very careful with those.

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I have a desktop with an external monitor. I use "Settings > Advanced Startup > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings > Restart Now" to get to BIOS. None of which makes me press a key.


When I try to restart to go into BIOS, I can hear the fan spinning fast like always when I go to BIOS, but my monitor doesn't show anything.


Normally to go to bios, on probably most computers , you keep hitting 1 key after the very start of the computer, during the first seconds of power up(del, f8, f12...)

before.the windows start loading depends on the make. You can try hitting tab-key to see RAM being tested and disks being detected.

Google "how to get to bios" and your computer type.


My computer has fast startup, so I use the other method shown in my other comment


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