My laptop is being strange..

I need help. My laptop keeps clicking and making weird buzzing noises and won't start. If I restart my Mac, the screen is plain white while the noise goes on in the background. The Apple logo appears and loads a bit before it stops loading. I've tried off of another forum the dusting thing for the noise but the screen won't load. It was working fine yesterday, I left it on and inside of my bag along with my VR headset. I didn't use it yesterday and when I tried to use it today, the screen froze on my discord app and when I restarted it, the clicking noise happened along with a buzzing sound. Now there were debris on my laptop from the bag, I believe I had crumbs in there. Maybe it's the temperature? It was really cold last night and today. I've restarted it 4 times and left it running for a few hours before the clicking gave me a headache. Can someone please help me?

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Your hard drive has gone bad. The clicking is caused by that read arm going back and forth searching the drive.


You had the wrong machine selected. I have changed it and here's the guide:

MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Hard Drive Replacement

To repair it you will need:


Phillips #00 Screwdriver

T6 Torx Screwdriver

Your machine will take

Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.6.1 (10A2047) Maximum MacOS: Current*

After you replace the drive you may be able to do an "Internet Install".

Also you can get a Snow Leopard retail installation and follow these directions:

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Is that why? Hm. When I unscrewed the back I did hear the clicking near a hard drive or memory drive that said Toshiba and it was rose gold. Is that the hard drive?


Did you pull the drive following the instructions? If so try restarting using the original system installation disk and you should not hear the clicking anymore. If you do not have the original disk, you can use a retail 10.5 or 10.6 disk. Use Disk Utilities to format the new drive and install a new system.


My mother bought this laptop from a neighbor so I don't have the disk. And my screwdriver isn't small enough to get the screws keeping the hard drive down. But the rose gold Toshiba thing is the hard drive right or is that the memory drive? Beside that was the big black battery.


I believe you have selected the wrong machine by your description of what you are seeing. Look on the back and see if you can find a Axxx number or an EMC number.


Is there another way I can get the hard drive to stop?


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