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Repair guides and support for the sub-brand of Kodak consumer digital cameras, not including the printer or printer dock portion of the EasyShare line.

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How to repair/replace the spring on the battery lock on a Z730

There is a spring that seems to have fallen out of the battery lock. How do I fix it?

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Very discouraging


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@carolynormike those are hard to fix since it is difficult to find a replacement spring. Best is to replace the battery door. Replacements are most of the time available at places like this.

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You know, of course, that there are 100 EasyShare on eBay selling for $5.

I think there are a couple that may work for less than $10.

I found a Z730 for $25.

But if you insist on fixing this clunker, we'll give it a shot.

Question #1; Do you have the spring ?

Q #2; Is the trap door damaged in any little way ? Check very closely.

Q #3; Does everything work if you hold the door shut ?

I recently jury-rigged a Nikon door lock with a "safety pin" latch.

It had been dropped and a piece of the case was missing.

If it has 'serious' damage, can you (somehow) post a photo ?

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#1 I do have the spring

#2 The trap door does not appear to be damaged

#3 Everything works when I hold the door closed


Before we start surgery in the OR... lets watch a open-heart-camera-movie.

Fire up YouTube and search for two words; 1K33 and Z730

The very first camera is a Z730 just like yours ( but silver-color).

Watch how the German doctor opens it up.

You don't need too speak German to understand whats happening. Sounds like a lot of 4-letter words !

Move your mouse into the picture, along the bottom. Now you can see the play-time.

At 1:30 in the movie, when the case has been pulled apart, notice the door is still attached.

Pause the movie. Examine your door closely. Something must be broken,,, for it to come apart !

The problem with the camera I repaired, was the hinge-pin would wobble in the case, which would cause

the spring to loose tension. Thus, things would fall apart. I made a new (longer) pin from a paper-clip, and that camera is still in use today!

Not sure if the German uses paper-clips, but you get the idea.

I'm guessing when you loosen your case, the door will fall loose.

Then the spring and hinge can be slipped back together. Just like new !

Watch the rest of the movie,,, when he re-assembles the case. The other movies are similar repairs.

You'll need a jeweler's screw-driver, and learn to speak German ;>)


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Someone's great idea... just recv'd a camera with the bottom part of a thick-leather camera case. Just the bottom, no case. Shiny chrome screw into the tri-pod hole on the bottom of your camera.

I un-screwed it, and the old batteries fell out. Hummm - the door has no lock.

There's your answer ! Every pawn shop/thrift store in the world, has an old thick-leather camera case.

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