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LG's flagship smartphone, with a unique slide-out battery and detachable I/O module supporting multiple hardware expansion options. Released in April 2016.

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How to adhere display to mid frame?

got a new display for this phone, broke the first one, got another. this time they didn't include the skinny little 3m tape, which I didn't even use correcting I don't think..

So I'm ready to install it but don't know the best way to stick it. I'd like to find some rubber cement type, stronger though yet still removable. I'm thinking many types of glue should suffice and I should go for something with a good combo of flexibility and strength.

Any suggestion?

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Tesa 61395 or PET Red Double sided Heat Resistant tape you can buy from eBay.

B7000 glue to fill in the corners if there is no adhesive at some spots.

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Thanks buddy! I'm also Ben, Benjamin, not 'jamen'.

edit: been researching this stuff wondering if either I have it or equivalent at home or at the store. what's so special about it, what property am I looking for if there is something easy to define about it to find at home? or is this some super special stuff you gotta make sure the says b7000 on it? Thanks


Doesn't have to be b7000, I've also tried other variants which worked well. Just need to give it time to set and hold it down with tape or something equivilant.

61395 is strong but might be too thin for some applications.

The red double-sided tape is thicker and great for screen replacement on large devices and tablets / cheap Android phones.


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