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Car radio not giving sound to speakers

I had only 2 speakers s hooked up and I attempted to hook up 4 speakers to those 2 speakers wire now my car radio is not giving sound to any speaker I hook up the radio has power

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Do not hook more than one speaker to each pair of wires. Only use 4 ohm speakers in automotive. If one speaker is shorted to ground, or inside, the deck will go into protection mode to prevent burning the amp chip.

Unhook what you connected and follow the install guide for that model from the manufacturer website.

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How do I take it out of protection mode


Remove the shorted speakers or wires, and reset the deck. If it worked with two, go back to that setup. Many Kenwood and JVC decks need the reset button pressed before leaving protection mode. I work on many fleet vehicles, and once a speaker starts shorting out, the deck will go into protection mode. Wires can also get shorted to ground by being trapped under seat brackets, trim screws run into them, or just poor wiring practices.


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