The Motorola Moto Z Play (model number XT1635-02, XT1635-01 and XT1635-02) is a droid smartphone that was released in September 2016. The Moto Z Play can be easily distinguished by the word “moto” placed at the top and the square home button placed at the bottom of the front of the phone.

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Water damage: Can I save my phone?

So, my Moto Z Play fell into a pool full of water. After the standard procedure of drying it I tested it and was working! However it had several failures, speakers wouldn't work (any of them), neither the microphone, and from time to time it powered off itself. So I decided to soak it in isopropyl alcohol which solved every issue mentioned before but killed the display (yeah, I know this was maybe not the best idea, but phone was dead anyway and I wouldn't at that time open it by myself to clean the motherboard). After the alcohol bath, I could use it for a while, and every speaker worked properly, so did the mic, and it seemed that it didn't turn off by itself, but an amoled burn appeared, and after a while screen went black. So, my question is, would it be a good idea to try to replace the display module, or would it be just a silly risk?

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You'd be extremely lucky if a replacement screen was all you needed. While putting it in IPA was a better idea than putting it in rice, the fact that you just let it soak instead of opening the device and scrubbing away any corrosion leads me to believe that this phone will develop other issues over time. Ideally, the board must be properly decontaminated. Even then, there is never a guarantee that that latent issues won't come up in the future.

Was the pool chlorine or salt based?

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Hi Minho,

The pool is chlorine based, I guess that's a bad thing. Unluckily I couldn't test it long enough before the screen died to see if a screen replacement is worth trying.

Thanks for your help!


Actually, chlorine based is better...that's essentially what we drink everyday. Salt water is brutal for electronics.


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